Was the Star Wars Sequel trilogy better than having no new movies at all?

There is always something to debate within the Star wars fandom. One of the more recent talking points – and one that seems to be still relevant despite the fact that the trilogy ended in 2019 – is the merits of the following trilogy. Every movie in the series received mixed reviews from fans and critics, with the final film (The Rise of Skywalker) being the least well received of the three. It is obvious that the production of these films was in different hands in terms of writing and directing without a clear plan from the start, and it caused an incredible division of opinions on all of the films in the sequel.


All the controversies have called into question whether the sequel trilogy was really worth it in the end. Would it have been better if they had never been made and had no new Star wars contents? Were the new stories, confusing as they were, worth the price of constant fan wars and an incredibly unsatisfying (for many fans) ending to a beloved film series? The answer to that question is going to be different for everyone, of course, but there is something to be said about the value of the sequel trilogy and the fact that despite their many flaws, they were still able to present to the public. new characters and interesting ideas.

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The aftermath may have caused a lot of fighting between Star wars fans, but it’s not like it’s new. Before sequels, the fandom was just fighting for other things, for example, the quality of previous films. Now, it looks like these specific movies are experiencing a renaissance where everyone has decided that they are actually good and deserve to be a part of. Star wars cannon. What’s ironic is that fans have spent years laughing at the movies and pulling them apart, or wondering why they’re not as good as the original trilogy. No one is ignoring their flaws now, but they accept them much more. There’s no reason it can’t happen to sequels, as some sort of Star wars cycle of hate.

Star Wars Rey Finn Rose Poe

One thing the sequels did was bring a little more diversity to the Star wars world. The protagonist was a female and the rest of the characters that made up her main group were people of color, which on her own is more representative than most. Star wars combined films. There is something to be said for kids (or even adults) to see someone who looks like them onscreen in a big Star wars movie. Star wars has had interesting female characters like Leia or Padme in the past, but the sequels let a female be the main driving force behind the story, which was new for the franchise.

Little girls will be able to see Rey as a role model and know that they could be Jedi too, which might sound a bit cheesy to an adult, but that means everything to a child. Kids can admire characters like Finn or Poe or Rose (because yes, despite the massive and unnecessary amounts of vitriol directed at her by the fandom, a lot of people think she’s really cool) the same way their parents had. the air up to Luke or Han or Obi-Wan. The suites tell Star wars stories for a new generation, and children and adults can see themselves in these characters is so exciting.

The characters themselves (for the most part) are interesting and compelling additions to the canon. Rey is a powerful protagonist and it’s easy to get involved in her journey. Poe is funny and charming, and Finn has a story that was an interesting thought-provoking experience when it was introduced (and then dropped in the following films). the force awakens, which is a huge problem with the writing). Even Kylo Ren, despite his drama, is a compelling antagonist, and the way they wrote his and Rey’s dynamic was something that hadn’t been seen in one. Star wars film before.

The push and pull between light and dark was one of the most interesting elements of the trilogy. The moral was a little grayer and the characters a little more complicated. It’s easy to say that the first two films in a row were made by people who love Star wars and wanted to dive into things the franchise hadn’t considered before. The Last Jedi most importantly, despite its polarizing nature, was able to explore interesting themes and ideas that were more complex than the writing of previous Star Wars trilogies.

Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Is it irritating that the aftereffects have caused Star wars throw all the extra stories they had previously built into the Extended Universe in favor of all the new stories? Of course, it could be for some, especially those who were really attached to these stories. It’s really weird that they’ve written this whole story before but decided to start from scratch, with mixed effects. However, these other stories can still exist in someone’s mind and be just as real as the next trilogy. These stories don’t just disappear, and they can just be another part of the world in the fandom, like another universe within the multiverse. it would be nice to see Star wars draw from that material, but the Extended Universe hasn’t exactly reached a mainstream audience, so the stories in the sequel are just as real to casual viewers as the EU is to die-hard fans.

Part of the reason sequels are so confrontational is that they challenge the world more and don’t play things as sure as the past. Star wars the movies did. There were a lot of elements of the story that didn’t work out for some people, but the fact that they were allowed in is really interesting and shows a commitment to distinguishing sequels from their predecessors. Are they perfect? Absolutely not. But no Star wars The movie is. These movies define generations, and it’s only natural that anyone who is young by the time the sequels release and involved in the fandom around this time falls in love with the trilogy, despite its flaws.

They made a lot of mistakes in telling these stories that they can hopefully learn in the future, but in the end, having the following movies was better than none at all. They further explored interesting themes like inheritance and self-discovery (which are building blocks of any good Star wars entry) and gave so many people the pleasure of discovering a new Star wars film at the cinema and discuss it long afterwards. Some fans may not like them, but they mean a lot to others and have even introduced a lot of new people to the fandom. It wasn’t meant to be the Star wars from the ’70s and’ 80s, and it has distinguished itself by being a story for the present moment.

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