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Since 2004, the company has been one of the largest financial service providers in Switzerland. Its main task is to offer a complete credit financing solution for self-employed and private individuals. The Good Finance platform thus cooperates with all credit banks as well as major financial institutes. People with good creditworthiness can choose an advantageous and suitable credit.

In 2004, the company, created in Aarau, currently consists of the two founding members. Since then, the company has developed into one of the most important credit portals in the country.

On the platform, people interested in borrowing can compare the current conditions of the different monthly payments with each other. In various evaluations, numerous customer testimonials and tests have always placed Good Finance at the forefront.

What advantages are offered by this company?

What advantages are offered by this company?

It is certain that some consumers have had unpleasant experiences with credits. People interested in a loan are independently advised by experienced experts, which is an essential advantage of this portal. Thus, a bank that will finance the project of a credit application can be chosen.

The refusal to grant a loan often results from a too low scoring value, when no negative characteristic appears and the customer would be able to pay the monthly payments without a problem.

This is due to the fact that the banks’ decision-making procedure is automated and lacks transparency. It is different for a private loan from Good Finance: People interested in finding an ideal financial source are supported by experienced credit experts.

The request is 100 percent free and without obligation

A simple and quick procedure in credit processing and a quick response

An independent comparison between several financial providers

Attractive interest rates thanks to our exclusive banking agreements

High acceptance rate due to optimized credit controlling

What are the positive experiences with Good Finance?

In all the reports, the credit takers stress in particular the transparency of the procedure in relation to the examination of the level of solvency. In addition, the competence of customer service is highly appreciated, because the answer to many questions can be provided during a simple personal telephone interview.

Is debt restructuring possible?

Is debt restructuring possible?

Naturally, consumers can replace their current credit on the Good Finance portal. This approach is recommended if the new private credit contains advantageous contractual elements, such as a long term or a lower interest rate.

Anyone who decides to restructure their debts must communicate to their Good Finance advisor all their existing bank and credit information. This will be done by means of a final statement sent to the customer by the previous bank.

The amount representing the balance will be paid directly to the previous financial institution. A detour via the customer’s account is not possible.

What are the possible contractual durations?

On this point too, great differences exist between financial providers. Some limit the duration of the credit to 60 months, while others offer 84 months. A small number sometimes accept a contractual duration of up to 120 months.

The intention to provide for a longer duration is justified by the desire to more easily repay private credit, depending on the income available and to avoid late payments. As the interest charge is higher for longer-term loans, Good Finance recommends a rapid repayment of financial commitments.

What are the credit amount limits?

What are the credit amount limits?

Borrowing amounts are possible range from USD 3,000 to USD 250,000, although some banks limit the maximum authorized credit to USD 80,000. As this financial portal has several years of experience in credit in Switzerland, consumers can, with its support, find advantageous credits that exceed the limits previously indicated.

Since 2004, Good Finance has provided installment loans for a total amount of more than 40 million dollars. The reputedly serious company has a rich experience of several years in credit brokerage as well as in the creation of financing. An additional advantage is that this portal is a certified and authorized financial partner with a credit broker license for Switzerland.