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Suriya and Prakash Raj-starrer Jai Bhim receives appreciation from all quarters for raising an important social issue. The film is trending on Twitter after a scene from the film began to circulate on the social media platform. The clip shows the character of Prakash Raj, a cop, slapping a man for “speaking Hindi”. Raj asks the person to speak in Tamil. A section of people on Twitter is offended by the scene and said she was spewing “hate” against Hindi.

However, another section of Twitter users says he did not slap the man for speaking Hindi, but for trying to confuse him into speaking Hindi.


Jai Bhim has recently received rave reviews. However, there are people who did not like a scene in the film. Some Twitter users are offended by a scene in which the character of Prakash Raj (a cop) slaps a man who speaks to him in Hindi. According to a section of Twitter users, Raj slaps the man for speaking in Hindi.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘I’m really heartbroken after watching #JaiBhim, nothing against the actor or anyone but I felt really bad, there is a scene in the movie where a person speaks Hindi and Prakash Raj slaps him and tells him to speak Tamil. Honestly, that kind of scene wasn’t necessary. Hope they cut it (sic). “

He added: “We are waiting for Tamil movies, we support them, we ask the directors to release it Pan India, in return we want nothing but love. If not love, at least not love. humiliation (sic). “

Someone else wrote: “Dear Prakash Rai aka Prakash Raj, what article of the constitution gives the right to hit any individual just for not speaking Hindi or any Indian language? If so, how many Kannadigas should you hit for speaking Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu in other movies (sic)? “


Amid criticism, support for Jai Bhim also poured in. A number of people countered these claims by saying that “Hindi imposition” was unnecessary and that Raj’s character would have slapped the person in the face if he spoke in another language. They claimed he was slapping the man for trying to confuse him by speaking in a language he does not understand when he can speak Tamil.

One Twitter user wrote: “Hello, the scene is not against Hindi speaking Indians. The character in particular is trying to escape speaking in Hindi (so Prakash Raj doesn’t understand) and knowing this strategy, he slaps her face and asks her to speak Tamil. Tamil filmmakers are not against the Hindi (sic) language. “

Another user wrote: “You are wrong. If you watch the movie closely, the person who speaks Hindi also speaks Tamil, but the character played by Prakash Raj does not know Hindi and he knew the person was confusing him when speaking Hindi, so he slapped him and told him to speak Tamil (sic). “

Another explained further: “See Hindi version, he said, tell the truth but in Tamil and Telugu version, he says, say in Tamil or Telugu. Why not put the same in all versions. just “tell the truth” instead of saying in Tamil like the Hindi version. This is unnecessary and cheap language policy. Remember the zomoto (sic) problem. “

And then there are some who have talked about the imposition of Hindi in Tamil Nadu. One Twitter user wrote: “This beeda vayan knows Tamil, so why does he speak Hindi in Tamil Nadu? We don’t know if prakash Raj even understands Hindi. This slap was for the imposition of the Hindi in Tamil Nadu (sic). “

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Director Tha Se Gnanavel’s Jai Bhim, starring Suriya, Lijomol Jose and Manikandan, is a heart-wrenching tale of police brutality. The film thrills at the injustice inflicted on the Irular community. Based on an actual incident from 1993, Jai Bhim follows Senggeni and Rajakannu, a couple from the Irular tribe. The latter was convicted by the police, and then disappeared from the police station. Senggeni enlists the help of a lawyer Chandru to seek justice for her husband. Chandru later became a judge at the Madras High Court.

Jai Bhim is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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